Welcome to myVA

Are you looking for a cost effective option for your administration, accounting and marketing needs?

Do you want more time to focus on your core business?
Do you need extra help during your busy times but don’t want to hire more staff?
Do you want to save money on costly office overheads?

myVA is your full service, off-site office partner, providing all the administration,
accounting and marketing services your business needs.

We are here to help you grow your business and make money.
We provide a modern professional solution to your long or short term needs for office assistance.
We up-skill in our time, not yours, saving you costly staff training.
You only pay for the “time on task.
Overseas clients can have assignments completed while they sleep.

At myVA we are as enthusiastic about your business as you are.

Take advantage of a free consultation to help your business determine its virtual assistant needs.